Sflickr meeting and Usability 2.0

Sflickr second anniversary T-Shirt

Still events 2.0 waiting the big one: Web 2.0 Expo 2007 that starts Sunday.

Wednesday I went to the Google Campus to attend a Usability 2.0 conference. Today it seems that if you don’t call something “2.0” , then you are a nerd. There I heard Sean Kane with Netflix, Jon Wiley with Google and Luke Wroblewski with Yahoo. A lot of the guilty came from each part of the Silicon Valley. One asked me if I was coming from Rome just for this cheap viagra from canada event. Politely I said that it would be a little too much. Here are the event photos (a nice one is the sushi on surf).

Thursday night at Crossroad Cafe’ there was the Sflickr meeting: the meeting of the San Francisco’s Flickr users. At a photographer meeting, one should take photos, but I thought that a lot of photos would have to be taken and that a video was more original.

My jacket without sleeves let people think that Iwas a real “pro” photographer, but when they saw my photo machine everything became more amateur.

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