Rodeo, music and baseball

The Frames (Photo Credit: markisevil)

Last weekend I attended a lot fill viagra perscription of events.

Thursday I went to hear live music: Richard Buckner at Cafe du Nord.

Friday I spotted the Grand National Rodeo at Cow Palace, followed by a country music performance. The rodeo was really funny and Gary Allan’s music wasn’t bad.

Saturday I was riding around in the neighboorhood of the AT&T Baseball Park and I decided to go to see the game. I’ve played Baseball for years in Italy but I had never seen a live American game. When I went in line, a man gave me an extra ticket as a gift. I tried to give some money to the man, but he politely said no. When I left the game, I found that I had attached my helmet to a pole without the bicycle that was standing there free of the chain.

Then at night, I went to see The Frames, an Irish band that was really great. If they come to your city, go to see them. I think that Saturday was my lucky day, because when I was in line outside of the historic Fillmore, another man gave me an extra ticket as a gift, just the same as happened in the morning at the baseball game. I tried to pay him but he too did not want money. I don’t understand but maybe here in America, people always take an extra ticket to give it at someone in the line…

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